Being Rich is a Decision

Being Rich is a Decision

Oleh Tim AndrieWongso

Many people don’t realize that being rich or being poor is a matter of decision. You can easily think: “I’m not rich because my parents are poor. I’m not rich because I’m not smart and didn’t go to university. I’m not rich because I think being rich isn’t just my thing.”
Well, let me tell you that you can decide to be rich. Now.

Of course, if you sit around all day, money won’t fall from the sky for you. After deciding to become rich, you need to act upon on what you have decided. Think and act accordingly.
A rich person always thinks big and acts small everyday. There is a saying, “Think globally, act locally.” Thinking about being rich is similar like that. You create an “infrastructure” in your mind before you fill it out with good deeds and actions that would create a path for a successful future.
A rich person is not only one with millions of dollars in the bank, but also one that appreciates small wins every single time. A rich person believes that he or she is destined to be rich. And success is my right!
I’m rich because I believe that I’m already rich. Mind and heart, thus, follow a pattern that perpetuates such belief through actions that matter.
Have you ever met a financially rich person without such a mindset and belief? I bet you haven’t and wouldn’t. Because, first and foremost, being rich is a decision.

Decide now. Success is yours!

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